Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

For some reason I couldn’t find any sixers of this around here, so I bought a twelve on faith. =/

Pours out a dark amber, which is dark for an IPA, no doubt. The head is creamy and present but isn’t terribly thick. It lasts for a little while though and leaves some nice lacing.  First whiff is all grapefruit-y citrus hops, but there’s a little spicy sweet rye sneaking in at the end.

The first taste does pretty much slam you in the face with hops.  The finish is more peppery rye and as it sits and warms, it gets a definite sweeter bready taste and the hop intensity dissipates a bit.

Verdict: Sierra Nevada is a very solid mass craft brewer and this rye IPA is a perfect reason why.  It’s a better than average beer and it’s widely available and plenty affordable. I don’t mind having 12 to finish off, I’ll tell you that. :)